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Family of the year:

The dynasties of Leinster House...

The Lenihans: Mammy O'Rourke is casting herself as an elder stateswoman, Conor managed to appear sensible on a number of occasions and Brian is the star of the show. Going to need a whole lot of strength to get through their present difficulties, but they'll have plenty of goodwill on their backs.

The Kitts: Retained their junior ministry in the family ranks with Aine Brady replacing brother, Michael, in the Minister of State ranks. And Tom contin ues to make his presence felt within the Fianna Fail parliamentary party.

The Enright-McHughs: Olwyn Enright and Joe McHugh celebrated the birth of their son, Darragh Thomas McHugh. Within days, his name was being mentioned on the record of the Dail, in a health debate, with TDs on both sides expressing their wishes. A future TD is born.

And the winner is: the Lenihans -- the first family of Irish politics.

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