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Family of M50 victim issue social media plea



Stock image of the M50

Stock image of the M50

Stock image of the M50

The family of a Dublin woman killed on the M50 in a road crash last week have appealed to the public to "stop and think" after distressing images of the collision were circulated on social media.

For the first time since the horrific accident which claimed the life of Jackie Griffin, her family have spoken about their grief.

"The immediate aftermath of Jacqueline's horrific accident was deliberately filmed and photographed," they said in a statement.

"I am confident that the majority of society would have the good sense to know that this is completely immoral and should be reported, deleted and not shared.

"It is my hope that this message is shared far and wide among today's on and offline influencers. When or if you receive these images, I urge you to stop and think. Do not share. Delete and report."

Irish Independent