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Thursday 26 April 2018

Family of Jason Corbett tells mourners he was a 'lost soul' after first wife died

Crowds at the removal of Jason Corbett last night from Cross's Funeral home in Limerick
Crowds at the removal of Jason Corbett last night from Cross's Funeral home in Limerick
Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

The family of Jason Corbett have told how he was a “lost soul” after the death of his first wife Mags adding if he could not be with his children would want to be with her.

The eulogy penned by Jason’s sister Tracey Lynch and read by her husband David described Jason as her hero.

The eulogy led to applause from the several hundred mourners who gathered at Our Lady Queen of Peace Church in Janesboro Limerick for Jason’s funeral mass.

The couple, who are now guardians of Jason’s children Jack and Sarah, vowed to fulfil his dreams for him adding; “This is just my small way of saying thank you for everything he did for me.”

The congregation heard how Jason had been at his happiest when he met and married Mags and had their two beautiful children Jack and Sarah together.

“For a time he was as happy as anyone could be. After Mags died, he was a lost soul. Even though he lived his life with dignity, the light and spark was never fully replaced.

“If Jason couldn’t be here I know in my heart he would want to be with Mags. Right up until the went to America he would spend every single day at her grave. We would often pass and return an hour later and he was still there,” she wrote.

She revealed how her last talk with her brother had been about their funerals, which at the time she had thought was simply a joke.

“I remember our last talk together, we talked about death and how our funerals should be. My brother didn’t like to see people cry, especially his family,” she wrote, revealing how Jason had wanted a carnival or “anything that would make people laugh”.

During the funeral service the family spoke of the memories that are theirs to keep and share and that no one can take away from them.

“As we wait for the truth to be told we have faith that there is justice in this world,” read David.

The final words of the service were left to Jason himself.

“I wanted a perfect ending but I’ve learned the hard way some poems don’t rhym and some stories don’t have a clear beginning middle and end,” it read, ending with “Saying goodbye is so hard, until we meet again.”

The heartbroken family comforted Jason’s two young children Jack and Sarah who brought gifts to the altar in memory of their father. The children brought up a Liverpool jersey and Irish jersey along with a golf set and Munster jersey, to signify his love of sports.

Beginning the mass, local priest Fr Pat O’Sullivan spoke directly to the children, telling them: “Jack and Sarah, you’re very important to us all today, you are the most important people.”

He told mourners they had gathered “for an occasion which is both tragic and full of hope and also full of joy.”

“What really matters today is that Jason is Jack and Sarah’s dad. Jack and Sarah you know that he loved you very much and did all he could to make you happy. He worked hard and you had fun together,” he added.

Fr O’Sullivan spoke about all the support for the family while they fought a custody battle in the US.

“It has been a great support to the family in these weeks, it was really shown at the candlelight gathering which brought such hope and peace to the family in a very dark time,” he added.

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