Monday 19 March 2018

Family of Irishman critically ill after fall in Bangkok begin efforts to fly him home

Robbie Robinson and sister Kim and mother Martina
Robbie Robinson and sister Kim and mother Martina
Robbie Robinson with his mother Martina
Robbie Robinson
Robbie Robinson

THE family of an Irishman in a coma in Bangkok have begun their frantic efforts to fly him home this week.

Robbie Robinson is scheduled to fly back to Ireland within days after spending almost the last four weeks in a critical condition.

The 32-year-old has been left with catastrophic head injuries after falling from the fourth storey of an apartment building on June 22.

His family have been told that he is likely to be left with brain injuries.

Independent News and Media have joined the campaign to help raise the large sum needed to cover Robbie's repatriation and healthcare costs.

His desperate family face a bill of in region of €100,000 because their loved one had no health or travel insurance.

The Robinson and Fox families have been dealt the devastating news that Robbie is likely to be left with permanent brain damage, if he comes out of a coma.

They have sought a significant bank loan and many of Robbie's friends and family members have been involved in fundraisers to raise the significant sum.

Speaking for the first time since the tragedy, Robbie's stepfather Pat Fox said the last four weeks have "hit our family to its core".

"Everyone is trying to stay as strong as we can. We just want Robbie home so that he can be surrounded by his friends and family. There is hope now that he will come out of a coma as there has been movement in recent days. But we know that we need a miracle to ensure Robbie will be back to full health in the future."

Robbie's family will be required to pay a hospital in Bangkok tens of thousands of euro in instalments over the coming weeks. 

They are now working closely with medical officials and hope to be able to fly him home in the coming days but are desperately short of funds.

He will then undergo treatment in Ireland as the fundraising to cover the family's healthcare bill continues.

Pat travelled back to Ireland two weeks ago in order to try and raise the necessary funds to fly Robbie home.

Robbie’s mother Martina and twin siblings Keith and Kim have been holding a bedside vigil.

In a devastating blow, the family were told that Robbie was not covered by any insurance policy because he had been out of the country for a period of over six months.

His mother Martina Robinson today made a desperate plea for all parents to ensure their children are insured before they travel abroad.

"I'd say to any parent - don't let yourselves go through what we've gone through. Any young person who is considering emigrating, please please make sure you are properly ensured. Nobody can expect what happened to Robbie to occur, but it does," she said.

"The level of prayers and messages of support we are getting from people in Ireland is just amazing. We are so humbled and we know Robbie is too."

Robbie travelled to Bangkok last month in order to visit friends and was returning to his apartment following a night out.

He realised that he left his key inside and attempted to climb up a fire escape to his bedroom.

However the Wicklow man lost his footing and fell dozens of metres to the ground, sustaining life threatening head injuries.

Robbie, originally from Ashford in Co Wicklow, has been living in Christchurch, New Zealand for a number of years.

He travelled home last month in order to attend a friend's wedding and had planned to return to work in New Zealand following his stay in Bangkok.

According to Martina Robinson, the family are praying for a miracle.

"Robbie is fighting every single day. There is so much love and positivity out there that if god is going to give a miracle, we are surely in line for one," she said.

"While he is in a coma, he has been moving and that gives us such hope.  His heart monitor goes crazy when he speaks to some of his friends over the phone or when he hears Christy Moore being played," she added.

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