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Family must tell children mother is 'gone forever'

THE family and partner of murdered Breda Waters were last night preparing to inform her three children that their mother was dead.

Breda Waters (28) from St Mary's Park, Limerick, leaves behind three young children: Courtney (9), Amber (4) and Jonathan (2).

Her sister Tina (18) was with Breda before she was shot dead in Southill on Sunday morning.

The two sisters got a phone call on Saturday from Des Kelly to come over to his O'Malley Park home for drinks.

"He rang Breda's phone to come over for a few drinks. He told Breda he seen her around before and that she was a good looking girl and this, that and the other," Tina said.

"She said to me to come on and we'll see what's happening.

"We had a few drinks -- me, Breda, Matthew, Dessie Kelly, Theresa Kelly. Dessie's newborn baby girl was also there. I left at 2am.

"Breda rang me again at 5.25am to come back, but I said I was too tired. She said come up and we'll have the craic, but I said, no, I was too tired. Breda said: 'Go on so love, I'll talk to you tomorrow, night.' I said: 'Love you' and she said, 'Love you too, night.' That was the last words I heard from my sister's mouth.

"The next morning, I got woke up out of bed. They (the gardai) said they had bad news -- your sister is after being shot. I was shocked. I just jumped out of the bed, put on all my clothes and jumped into the guards' car.

"She was a good girl with three beautiful kids. They don't even know their mam is dead -- how will we tell them. What can we say?

"I feel terrible, terrible -- my heart is broken in two."

Patrick Duggan (29) from the Ballynanty area of Limerick said he was Breda's partner for 12 years.

"What will we tell the kids? How can you tell them something like this? Their mother is gone forever?

"She was a good-looking girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was well into music and would enjoy a night in town."

He branded Breda's killers "low-life scum".

"I have no idea why this happened."

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