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Family mourns loss of second member in weeks

Distraught relatives of the innocent man shot dead during Sunday night's gangland killing have spoken of their shock at the incident, which comes just weeks after another family death.

Paddy Mooney's brother-in-law, Eugene Burke, died a few weeks before Christmas after losing his battle with cancer.

Mr Mooney's sister, Mary, last night told how she heard her 58-year-old brother had been shot.

"A neighbour came and knocked on my door and said that a gang of people were after going into Paddy's flat," she said, from her flat across the courtyard from Mr Mooney's home in Pearse House, Pearse Street, Dublin. "I went over there but at that stage it was too late."

Her brother Miles dismissed rumours that Mr Mooney was involved in drugs. "He wasn't involved in anything like that," he said. "He was never in any kind of trouble at all."

Mr Mooney's disability, which left him with a severe limp, meant his mobility was severely restricted.

Ms Mooney said her brother "used to work with batteries" but he suffered a stroke in his 20s. It left him paralysed down his right-hand side.

"He used to come over and visit me regularly," she recalled. "He'd come over for a cup of tea and cream, he loved cream. We had Christmas dinner together and had a great day."

Mr Mooney is believed to have been an innocent bystander who was murdered because the target, Brendan Molyneaux, was visiting him.

Mr Molyneaux, who had an address in a hostel in York St, visited Mr Mooney almost daily, a fact known to those who shot the men dead.

However, neighbours said Mr Molyneaux took advantage of Mr Mooney's good nature and used his home to take and to sell drugs. They said gardai raided his home a number of weeks ago, and no drugs were found.

"Poor Paddy was naive, and he got sucked into things. He wouldn't harm a fly, there was no badness in him at all," said one neighbour.

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