Friday 23 February 2018

Family left in shock as bolt out of the blue hits home

Brian McDonald

A WOMAN and her son were shocked but unhurt after a bolt of lightning struck their home at the height of a rain storm.

Ann Connell and her son James were downstairs at their semi-detached home in The Glade, Athenry, as torrential rain fell on Monday evening.

"Suddenly we heard a big bang and we didn't know what it was. All the sockets were blown out in the house," said James.

He and his mother made their way upstairs where a scene of devastation awaited them.

The lightning had blown a hole in the roof and had penetrated the ceiling in Ann's bedroom. The ceilings of the other two bedrooms were badly cracked.

"The lightning seemed to have hit the front of the house and blew off a load of tiles. It came straight through the centre of the bedroom and the ceiling just seems to have caved in," said James.

The family had moved into the estate on the outskirts of Athenry seven years ago. Theirs was the only property to be hit by the freak lightning bolt -- all other houses in the immediate area escaped unscathed.

"I suppose we were lucky that it was just damage to the house and nobody was hurt. But we all got a big fright," said James.

Athenry Fire Brigade was on the scene within minutes. A spokesman said that the family had been fortunate that the lightning did not result in a fire and that nobody had been injured.

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