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Sunday 21 January 2018

Family fury after 12 days without water

Majella O'Sullivan

A FAMILY left without water since the cold snap began is considering legal action against their local council.

John and Jane O'Donoghue and their four children, Karen (9), Amy (5), Sarah (4) and Keelan (2), have not been able to shower, flush their toilet or do basic chores like clothes washing since November 28.

Mrs O'Donoghue said two of her children are sick with colds and flu.

"This is the 12th day we've had to put up with it," Mrs O'Donoghue told the Irish Independent. "My husband has to fill the tank in the attic with water so we can turn on the heating for a while in the evening.

"The children are very upset about it and they ask me, 'am I dirty, Mammy, do I smell?'"

The O'Donoghues claim the water pipes servicing their home in Arbutus Drive, Killarney, are too close to the surface of the road and freeze when temperatures dip.

"We rang the town hall but we got no satisfaction because even though we live on a council estate, we own our house," Mrs O'Donoghue added.

"My argument is that they built the estate and so they should be responsible.

"Our stopcock is out on the road and if we started digging that up they wouldn't be long coming out and stopping us."

Killarney Town Council insisted it was not their responsibility to rectify the problem.

"Someone buying a house from the council is in the same position as someone buying from a private developer," town manager John Breen said.

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