Wednesday 18 July 2018

Fake dentist continues to run teeth whitening clinic despite conviction

A man convicted for running an illegal tooth whitening service in Belfast has continued to operate his clinic, HD Smile.

Samuel Irvine-Madine was prosecuted by the UK regulator, the General Dental Council (GDC), for illegally presenting himself as a dentist - specifically for offering tooth whitening.

Tooth whitening falls within the practice of dentistry. Legally, it can only be carried out by individuals regulated by the GDC, such as dentists and dental therapists.

In April this year at a hearing in Belfast Magistrates Court, Irvine-Madine pleaded guilty to unlawfully holding himself out as being prepared to practice dentistry.

He also pleaded guilty to unlawfully using the title "dental therapist" and was fined £750 and ordered to pay costs to the GDC of £622.

The offence was detected on November 7, 2014 at the HD Smile Clinic on Belfast's Shankill Road.

At the time the GDC said Irvine-Madine was not a qualified dental therapist and had never been registered with it.

This week, in a BBC investigation, Irvine-Madine was found to be continuing to offer the service at the HD Smile Clinic on the Shankill Road, despite his conviction.

Specialising in teeth whitening, the clinic advertises itself as being "professionally run".

Undercover filming showed Irvine Madine demonstrating the process of teeth whitening saying he had treated thousands of people since setting up

Irvine-Madine has not responded to either the BBC or the Belfast Telegraph for comment.

The GDC has warned that practising teeth whitening outside of the law can have serious consequences with severe cases needing hospital treatment.

The BBC reported that the clinic was closed on Tuesday after its reporter confronted Irvine-Madine.

He told his Facebook followers it was closed because of a "flood".

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