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Thursday 23 November 2017

Fairytale comes true for bestselling author Chloe (6)

Chloe O'Sullivan
(right) signs copies of
her book, 'The Fairy
Who Was Different',
at Listowel Writers'
Week yesterday.
Chloe O'Sullivan (right) signs copies of her book, 'The Fairy Who Was Different', at Listowel Writers' Week yesterday.
Majella O'Sullivan

Majella O'Sullivan

SHE'S only six and already Chloe O'Sullivan is a bestselling author.

Her first book 'The Fairy Who Was Different' sold out in record time at Listowel Writers' Week yesterday.

The senior infants pupil, who was born with spina bifida, has just published her first book and was invited to launch it at the festival.

Chloe decided to donate all the proceeds to Enable Ireland, a charity that supports children with disabilities and their families.

As in real life, the heroine in Chloe's story, also called Chloe, has something about her that makes her different from all the other fairies.

"She has a slightly broken wing, just like my leg," Chloe told the Irish Independent. "She couldn't fly so she makes friends with a bee called Honey."

Like all good stories, this one too has a happy ending. When Chloe finds a love heart for the top of the enchanted castle she is granted one wish.

"She wishes for a prince instead," she reveals.

Her story may have an unexpected ending but the little girl from Gerah, Farranfore, has constantly surprised her parents, Conn and Elaine and older brother Conor (10).

When she was born, doctors told them she might be confined to a wheelchair and could possibly have diminished mental capabilities. She started to write her story at home, taking paper from her dad's printer.

"It was supposed to be our little secret but Chloe told everyone," Conn said.

Enable Ireland then got involved and 100 copies of the book were printed. It's now gone for reprint and will be available through the charity in two weeks' time.

Its author, however, is still unsure of what she'll do in the future.

"I kind of want to be two things: a teacher and a writer," she said.

Chloe walks with the aid of a splint on her leg but it hasn't stopped her from leading a full life in school.

"Sometimes when we're playing catch, I take a little rest and then start running again. Sometimes if everyone is running too fast I say to my best friend 'Alisha, can you slow down' and she always does," she says.

When asked if she were granted one wish what would it be, the little girl doesn't hesitate. "I wish I could go to Disneyland," she said.

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