Saturday 16 November 2019

Facebook refuses to take down pages attacking Jill murder accused

FACEBOOK has refused a police request to remove material that could affect the trial of the man accused of murdering Jill Meagher.

Victoria Police boss Ken Lay says the social media giant was asked to take down a site at the weekend.

"We had cause to speak to Facebook over the weekend and asked them to take a particular site down," Mr Lay said today.

"Now they have refused to do that so we're just working our way through that about what we can do now.

"It is disappointing and when you see the hatred that's incited by some of these sites... it is very much the antithesis of what we saw yesterday with 30,000 people taking to the streets saying 'let's try and make this a safer and fairer community'.

"We've all got a social responsibility and Facebook is part of our community and I would've thought it would only have been reasonable."

Several Facebook pages were set up to help find Jill after disappeared and several more appeared when news of her death emerged.

But a small number of hate pages directed at the man charged with her murder were also created - one in particular generated 44,000 ‘likes’.

In the wake of charges of rape and murder being laid on Adrian Ernest Bayley, Jill’s family and police urged social media users to refrain from posting "inappropriate comments that might jeopardise a successful prosecution".

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