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Face of woman killed in forklift tragedy


Lynsey Flood

Lynsey Flood

Lynsey Flood

A YOUNG woman has died after a forklift she was operating 'tipped over'.

Gardai have confirmed that a 27-year-old was killed in Finglas, Dublin, yesterday, in an incident at around 9.30am in a premises in the Ward Industrial Park.

The young woman was named locally as Lynsey Flood, the daughter of Michael Flood, who owns Expert Scaffolding in Castleknock, which he runs with his son Keith. The grieving family were together last night as they tried to come to terms with their sudden loss.

"She lived with her parents," said Keith's wife, Joanne, as they paid tribute to her. The family home is in Carpenterstown, Castleknock.

"It was a tragic accident. She was the manager of the local team here, the Castleknock team. She was the ladies' manager," said Joanne. The young woman had played for the Dublin county team at junior levels.

"She was driving a forklift and we don't really know exactly what happened. But it fell on top of her," Joanne said.

Her body was removed to Connolly Hospital in Dublin and the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) inspectors visited the scene.

Castleknock Hurling and Football club chairman Niall Tutty said that club members were devastated to learn of her death.

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