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'Eyesore' safety signs stolen from scenic cliff walk

MORE than two dozen signs warning of the dangers along a mile-long scenic cliff walk -- which caused uproar locally when they were put up -- have been stolen.

Gardai are investigating the disappearance of 27 of 30 signs erected as part of a controversial €50,000 local authority 'improvement' programme to the cliff walk at the west Clare resort of Kilkee.

Late month, Clare County Council provoked widespread anger in Kilkee as a result of the upgrade works at the cliff walk. Hugh Murray, a frequent visitor to the town and a leading architect, described the works as "a horror show".

Kilkee's mayor, Elaine Haugh Hayes, said yesterday that local people were not shocked to hear that the signs have been stolen because they "had caused uproar in the community", but added that stealing the signs was not the right way to express disapproval.

Gardai have confirmed that 27 of the 30 signs have been stolen and remain missing.

Supt Gerry Wall said: "We believe that the taking of the signs was carried out locally."

Supt Wall said that 26 of the signs were valued at €162 each, with a larger sign costing €324.

He admitted that gardai had not yet established a clear motive behind the robbery of the signs, stating that they may also have been stolen for scrap.

"There have been a number of tragedies of people falling into the sea," he added.

"The taking of these signs is putting someone in danger."

Irish Independent