Saturday 16 December 2017

Extra security for patient after phone stolen in ward

Breda Heffernan

A PENSIONER who was the victim of a robbery as he lay in his hospital bed has been moved to a more secure part of the hospital as he continues his recovery from a major liver operation.

Peader Gannon (68) from Bluebell in Dublin told how he screamed for help as the robber, believed to be a drug addict, took his mobile phone from his bedside at St James's Hospital last week.

A spokesman for St James's said yesterday that Mr Gannon has now been moved to another part of the hospital and was happy with his new accommodation.

He said security at the hospital was reviewed on an on-going basis, however the patient had decided not to lodge a formal complaint about the robbery to gardai. "The patient opted not to involve gardai -- that limits what can be done next," he added.

Mr Gannon said the man came into his room three times during a 15-minute period last Friday evening and initially said he was looking for his father.

The man returned to the room a few minutes later and asked the pensioner if he wanted anything in the shop -- a ploy, Mr Gannon believes, to get money off him. He then entered the room a third time and grabbed Mr Gannon's mobile phone.

The pensioner said that he was left shaken by the experience, no longer felt safe in the hospital and had trouble sleeping.

He added that he was afraid to be on his own and family members were taking it in turns to stay in the room to help reassure him.

He said he did not blame the doctors and nurses at the hospital as they were responding to an emergency at the time and could not answer his calls for help. Mr Gannon had been in intensive care following a liver operation until a day before the incident.

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