Monday 21 May 2018

Exploding television damages Dublin home in early morning blaze

The remains of a charred television that caught fire last night
The remains of a charred television that caught fire last night Credit:Twitter/@DublinFireBrigade

Sarah-Jane Murphy

An exploding television is believed to have started a fire at a house in Swords in the early hours of the morning.

The blaze occurred at approximately 3:30am, at a home in the Oldtown area.

Luckily, the occupiers of the dwelling were alerted to the fire when their smoke alarm sounded.

Three units of Dublin Fire Brigade attended the scene.

A number of people in the house suffered smoke inhalation.

There was some damage to the property.

This latest domestic fire comes just days after an exploding electrical charger caused a blaze that ripped through an apartment in Dublin city-centre.

On that occasion three units of the Dublin Fire Brigade and one ambulance attended the scene.

Pictures, tweeted by the DFB, showed a charred mattress, with the springs clearly exposed.

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Bed sheets and a portion of the duvet were also burnt away.

The DFB issued a warning to the public, reminding people that "beds and chargers don't mix."

"Be safe, keep all gadgets away from your bed," they tweeted.

The NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland) also warned consumers to be extremely careful when buying and using electrical products.

“Everyone knows the rules of basic fire safety and indeed many look out for safety standards, such as the CE Mark, when buying electrical products. However, although the device may be manufactured to the correct safety standards, it can still become very dangerous, very quickly, if not used in the appropriate environment,” warned Pat Bracken, NSAI’s Director of Corporate Services.

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“Electrical products like hair straighteners, hairdryers, laptops and phone chargers can be incredibly dangerous if left on beds or sofas. Although duvets and quilts often undergo flammability tests, accidents like this can still occur,” he added.

Some 326 fatal fires occurred in Ireland between 2005 and 2014, claiming the lives of 366 people.

The NSAI says that in the 158 instances where the cause of the fire was known, electrical appliances were suspected in 28 fatal fires (18pc of cases) while a further 3pc of fatal fires were attributed to electric blankets.

In 2011 alone, 241 fires in Ireland were caused by electrical equipment.

NSAI Fire Safety Tips:

1.       Smoke alarms: Make sure you have at least one on every floor.

2.      Test your smoke alarms weekly or ask someone to check it for you.

3.      Obvious dangers: Look for fire risks like overloaded sockets, candles and unattended appliances.

4.      Plan your escape route: Keep access routes clear and have your keys at the ready.

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