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Tuesday 21 January 2020

Expelled TD takes aim at 'weak leaders'

Fiach Kelly

EXPELLED Fianna Fail TD Mattie McGrath has said the Government is caught between two "weak leaders" -- Taoiseach Brian Cowen and Green leader John Gormley.

Mr McGrath, who was widely criticised in Fianna Fail this week for voting against the Government on stag hunting, also said the Cabinet was being run by barristers and teachers.

The Tipperary South TD was widely criticised by Fianna Fail TDs for allegedly seeking publicity after he had the party whip withdrawn.

"We have no real business people in the Cabinet, we have barristers and teachers -- none of them know business really," Mr McGrath told the 'Irish Field', which reports on racing and other equestrian matters.

He said: "I think the IMF will be in here by the end of next year unless something changes.


"I asked myself just what is going on here -- bills on stag hunting, dog breeding, civil partnership, planning.

"They (the Greens) are dangerous, they have too much control, it is the tail wagging the dog. Gormley doesn't have a clue."

Mr McGrath also said Mr Cowen and Mr Gormley were a "mish-mash" of weaknesses.

"We have a weak leader in Brian Cowen and John Gormley is a weak leader as well. We are caught in the mish-mash between the two weak leaders.

"John Gormley is running away with himself. Brian Cowen, people are saying to me, 'In the name of God, what's wrong with him? We have no leadership.'"

Mr McGrath also criticised Transport Minister Noel Dempsey for "unbelievable" arrogance.

He said: "Naked ambition, that's Noel Dempsey. I have told Noel Dempsey that to his face many times.

"We are all going to be culled come the next election and there won't be a knackery yard in the country that will take us because they will all have been closed down."

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