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Thursday 26 April 2018

Exit the Dragon after former high-flyer forced to admit 'I'm out'

Marese McDonagh

MUCH of his vote disappeared, and so too did Sean Gallagher.

The former frontrunner may have anticipated the disappointment on his own doorstep when he headed for the other end of the country after casting his vote on Thursday.

As it turned out, not only did Louth say 'No', but his adopted home village of Blackrock also resoundingly turned him down, giving Michael D twice as many votes in some areas.

The former 'Dragon' did not turn up to the count centre in the Xerox building in Dundalk.

It is understood that he and wife Trish opted for a night away as he attempted to take in the aftermath of what was effectively a mugging on live television.

There seemed to be a consensus among Gallagher supporters that a lack of political guile had cost their man the job.

His biggest mistake was the way he responded to the taunts of the Sinn Fein candidate, they believed, rather than any failings in the way his business affairs were managed.

Mr Gallagher's supporters had conceded as soon as the first 10 or so boxes were tallied yesterday morning. His goose was cooked.

One said that his vote had plummeted by at least 20pc in the past three days.

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