Exclusive: Woman behind viral 'child abuse' video on Facebook speaks to Independent.ie

Clare Cullen

The woman claiming to be behind the viral Facebook video of a child being abused reached out to Independent.ie to explain why she posted the video on social media.

Lurleen Hilliard is the CEO & Founder of 'Nolonger Victims', and international volunteer organisation that deals with abuse cases.

Hilliard claims she was sent the video from an anonymous person in the Philippines following mass media coverage of an investigation 'No Longer Victims' were conducting there in relation to another abuse case.

"I was sent that video ten days ago. For the last ten days, we have been working twenty-four seven - and I mean we haven't slept".

Hilliard told Independent.ie that she posted the video online in order to "expose" the abuser and potentially track down the baby, but Facebook removed the video and subsequent posts around it.

"By removing this video, you're giving that baby a death sentence - if they're not already dead".

Hilliard's organisation has a "team, ready to fly into Indonesia" but the removal of the video has hindered the progress of the search.

"The only important thing is finding that baby. If the video is removed, we can't find the baby".

"By covering abuse, we allow the abuse to continue in silence. My organisation wants to expose, not enable, abusers".

"The baby's skin is getting redder and redder - think about that. If it was cold water, his legs would be blue".

"Experts have told me that he might have already died from suffocation due to hyper-extension. Look at the way his arms are being held over his head - his arms would surely have been pulled out of their sockets. His cry is that of a newborn, and there is no way he'd be able to support that swinging for that long.

Death from suffocation would explain why the baby goes quiet at the end of the video".

The video went viral from Hilliard's Facebook page but once it was removed, it was circulated with "wholly inaccurate" information.

"If it had been shared last week with correct information we'd have found this baby by now".

Hilliard "sent a direct email with all of these details and the Video to General Sutarman the Chief of the Indonesian Police".

Facebook told Independent.ie that any posts that portray this video in a positive light are being removed.

"Like others, we find the behaviour in this video upsetting and disturbing. In cases like these, we face a difficult choice: balancing people’s desire to raise awareness of behaviour like this against the disturbing nature of the video.

In this case, we are removing any reported instances of the video from Facebook that are shared supporting or encouraging this behaviour.

In cases where people are raising awareness or condemning the practice, we are marking reported videos as disturbing, which means they have a warning screen and are accessible only to people over the age of 18."