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Tuesday 20 August 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Train doors close on shocked mother leaving young children standing alone on platform

Maynooth train station
Maynooth train station

Conor Feehan and Jerome Reilly

A woman and two children were separated this morning when their train took off with just the adult on board.

The woman, believed to be the children’s mother, was forced to pull the emergency cord on the commuter train to Dublin this morning after the seven and five year-old children were left on the platform at Maynooth train station, an Irish Rail spokesperson revealed.

It is not yet clear how they became separated after she boarded the train.

The drama unfolded on the Sligo to Connolly station train which had stopped shortly after 8am at Maynooth to collect passengers bound for Dublin.

An Irish Rail spokesperson explained that the train door closed behind the woman after she boarded the train. However, the two children were still on the platform and the train took off.

The woman pulled the emergency cord to stop the train just beyond the train platform. The two children were looked after by Irish Rail staff in the meantime.

The train then made its way back to the station where the guardian and children were reunited.

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