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Thursday 23 November 2017

Exclusive: 'She is a liar... my brother paid for loving her with his life'

Csaba Orsos (left) and Marta Herda (right)
Csaba Orsos (left) and Marta Herda (right)
Marta Herda arrives at court for the verdict. Pic Collins Courts.
Marta Herda outside Central Criminal Court. Photo: Collins
Marta Herda Picture: Collins Courts

Conor Feehan and Cathal McMahon

THE brother of a man driven to his death by waitress Marta Herda has branded her a "liar".

In an exclusive interview with, Zoltan Sandro said his brother Csaba Orsos (32) "paid for love with his life".

Csaba Orsos
Csaba Orsos

Herda (29) was jailed for life last July after a jury found her guilty of murdering work colleague Csaba by driving through a barrier into Arklow harbour in March 2013.

Last week, in prison letters sent to, Herda insisted that she was not guilty of murder. She claimed it was an accident and she intends to prove this at her appeal hearing.

But now Csaba's family have hit back, disputing her claims.

"Seriously, she is a liar," Zoltan said. "I hope this stupid woman never comes out from the jail.

"A day ago I went to my bed, I close my eyes and I saw my brother's bloody face. I see him every day like this, dead in the bag, he was so cold.

"That day when I saw my brother in the bag, my heart died forever."

In her letter Herda claimed that on the morning of the accident she drove by her colleague's house on the way to the beach and he jumped into the vehicle. She admits that she had earlier called him on the phone.

It was heard in evidence that Csaba had fallen in love with her but she was not interested in a romantic relationship.

The family claim, however, that she continued to lead Csaba on despite this.

Asked what really happened that morning, Zoltan said: "What I believe is that when she called him for the last time she probably stopped before Csaba's house and he went from the house with his mobile phone outside to see her, to see what she wanted.

"He left the flat door open, because I believe he believed he was going straight back to the house."

Zoltan continued: "I think Csaba jumped into the car because she wanted to speak with him."

In her letter Herda claims that Csaba was furious with her on the morning because of who she was friendly with.

Zoltan said his brother believed Marta had started a relationship with another man and that she was playing the two suitors against each other.

"He was shouting at her because he loved her so much and he was angry about [named man] because she is stupid, sometimes playing with my brother, sometimes playing with [named man]. And this is not fair."

Zoltan explains that Herda told Csaba many times that she didn't want him.

"Csaba then stopped. He wouldn't look at her face, he wouldn't say hello.

"Marta saw this and she was thinking that this is not the normal reaction in this situation. She should be happy with this because Csaba was not interested in her any more.

"But for her this was not good because she always wanted to be the centre of attention."

Zoltan claimed that her response to this was to give his brother a hint that she might still be interested.

"One day she slowly touched his shoulder, and with this f***ing touch she showed him that maybe he has a chance, a small chance.

"She was just playing with him and he paid with his life with this love."

In her upcoming appeal Herda plans to argue that she did not know where she was going when she drove off the pier.

During her trial the prosecution argued that she knew what she was doing, that she was a good swimmer and she knew her passenger could not swim.

She was found guilty of murder and jailed for life after four days of deliberation.

In her prison letter Herda described how she felt sorry for Csaba's family but explained that she was never given the chance to pass on her condolences to them.

Zoltan says this is rubbish, explaining that he was in court with her every day during the trial.

"If she wanted to say sorry to me about my brother why did she hesitate? I was there for a month. She walked into the court building next to me many times and never stoped me to say, 'sorry about your brother' or something like this.

"She has no heart, I will never forget what she did to my brother."

Zoltan said he has no sympathy for Herda when she describes in her letter her difficult life at the Dochas Prison on Dublin's North Circular Road.

The young woman spoke about her depression and how she fears to make friends among the dangerous female population.

"I hope this is a hard life," said Zoltan. "A murderer should never come out from jail. This is the minimum that she should have to pay after my brother's murder."

"He is missed every day. If somebody lost a family member like me they would know what I feel."

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