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Exclusive: 'I bought her everything she ever wanted' – Husband of missing woman (45) gives intimate tour of their home

  • Tina Satchwell (45) was last seen in her home in Youghal, Co Cork, on March 20.
  • 'My life is hell' - husband Richard tells, inviting us into the home that they shared
  • 'She had everything she ever wanted. She had no reason to leave'
Richard Satchwell pictured holding a photo of his wife Tina in one of her two large walk-in wardrobes Photo: Kyran O'Brien
Richard Satchwell pictured holding a photo of his wife Tina in one of her two large walk-in wardrobes Photo: Kyran O'Brien
Richard Satchwell ,Tina’s Husband pictured in Youghal Harbour near their home. Photo: Kyran O'Brien
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

THE husband of a woman missing from her home in Co Cork for the past 16 weeks has confirmed he was treated as a suspect by gardai but insists that he has "nothing to hide".

Tina Satchwell (45) was last seen in her home in Youghal, Co Cork, on March 20.

More than three months later, Tina has never been seen by a member of the public or captured on CCTV leaving her home.

Her husband of 25 years, Richard Satchwell, said he has no idea what happened to his wife and best friend.

"Tina is amazing. She is kind, she would give anybody anything," he told

"Getting up and going like she did isn’t like her at all. She loves our pets, she never used to leave and go out the door without the chihuahua. It has thrown me because it’s so completely out of character for her."

Tina and Richard live on a main street in Youghal, Co Cork
Tina and Richard live on a main street in Youghal, Co Cork

Richard, who married Tina in 1991 on her 21st birthday, invited into his home, which he said is a “work in progress”.

The three-storey town house on the main street in Youghal, is a shrine to Tina, with a portrait of the blonde woman hanging over the fire place.

Some of her clothes are still hanging in the sitting room and kitchen, untouched from the day she went missing.

Richard praised the gardai for their help and support, but said they currently have no leads or suspects.

Tina Satchwell from Youghal, Co Cork
Tina Satchwell from Youghal, Co Cork
Tina Satchwell from Youghal Co Cork

When asked if gardai considered him a suspect in his wife’s disappearance he told, that "I have been asked questions but I haven’t been cautioned".

“It got back to me through a member of my family that they were asking, what I thought as unfair questions, about do they think that I could harm my wife. I came back to the gardai here in Youghal and I made a complaint. I wouldn’t lift a finger to my wife.

“It was very upsetting. I felt that it was unfair. But then as your brain starts clearing a small bit, you understand they’ve got this routine that they go through.

“They searched the house when I was up the country. I didn’t know that they were going to search it but now they have a key to enter whenever they like.

“I’ve told the truth. I’ve nothing to hide.”

The truck driver said that he now works more than 12 hours a day but occasionally stops his vehicle when he thinks he spots Tina.

Tina Satchwell with her husband Richard
Tina Satchwell with her husband Richard

He keeps a pink briefcase containing thousands of pictures of his wife posing in hundreds of different outfits.

"She loves posing. She’s spoilt rotten. She never wore an outfit twice," he said.

"She loves her fashion. She loves going around second-hand shops looking for the one individual item so that nobody can go down to Penney’s or Dunnes and have the same thing.

Richard Satchwell ,Tina’s husband pictured in Youghal Harbour near their home on Grattan Street Photo: Kyran O'Brien
Richard Satchwell ,Tina’s husband pictured in Youghal Harbour near their home on Grattan Street Photo: Kyran O'Brien

"Her granny, who raised her, had cancer and she never had a wedding ring of her own so Tina took her own off and gave it to her. She’s been buried 20 years with that ring. I had to go out and buy Tina another one. That’s the type of person she was."

Richard said that he’ll never forget the day that Tina went missing.

“She got up in the morning and did the usual thing. She asked me if I’d drop over to Dungarvan and get fish. When I returned two hours later she wasn’t there. I found her keys on the ground as I walked in. She’d normally be watching MTV or some other chat show but there was no sign of her.

Tina Satchwell
Tina Satchwell

“I thought she went out for a walk but when she didn’t come back, naturally I got a sickly feeling.

“We had conversations of late so I said ‘right she’s gone down to a member of family for a while’ so I gave her a couple days and I left to visit my doctor on the Friday. When I found out that nobody had seen her, it was like everything fell away.”

He said the “conversations” were about anything and everything as they were “best friends”.

“I went along with the kind of wishes I thought she would have wanted me to do. I know some people think I should have reported it straight away but I made a judgement call, right or wrong. Since then I’ve done a lot of work with the guards trying to trace her. It’s just totally odd. Nobody has said that they’ve seen her. Especially here living on the main road. As far as I understand she didn’t get a taxi or a bus or anything like that because nobody saw her. I’m confused.”

He added that originally he thought that Tina left to “get a break”.

“She’s been very upset in recent months. She’s had a few fights within her family over the past few years. I think it took its toll and that’s why I think she left. She needed to get her head around things.

Tina Satchwell
Tina Satchwell

“I hope she’ll turn up suddenly the way she disappeared. It’s just completely odd.”

Richard said that he’s not sure what his wife took as she had so many clothes.

The entire second floor of the house is dedicated to Tina’s clothes.

The 45-year-old has her own walk-in wardrobe, the size of a large bedroom, filled with rails of clothes. Her jumpers, one of every colour under the sun, are folded meticulously.

A second room in the house is dedicated to Tina’s bags and jewellery.

"I’ve bought her over €40,000 worth of jewellery. It’s a woman’s dream. She had no reason to leave," he said.

Tina Satchwell from Youghal Co Cork
Tina Satchwell from Youghal Co Cork

Tina’s favourite pink Juicy Couture bag sits neatly on a table in her walk-in wardrobe, beside her keys.

“She never went anywhere without that bag. It was her favourite. She was so delighted when she spotted it in a charity shop.”

A third room contains only a tanning-bed, which Richard says Tina adored.

“I bought her everything she ever wanted.

“She took clothes, money. I haven’t got a clue what clothes she took because she’s got so many it’s like a department store.”

Although his wife didn’t take her keys and phone, he didn’t think it was strange.

“The keys I thought she dropped and she seldom used to take her phone.”

He said his day-to-day life is now “miserable” without his wife, who trained as a chef but never worked.

“I don’t have anything to smile about anymore. The dogs are waiting for Tina to come home.

“My life is hell. After having 28 years of sharing my life with her, for her to just suddenly be gone is heart-breaking.”

Richard said that the day he met Tina he knew he was going to marry her.

“She lived next door to my brother in England and after three months we moved to Ireland together.”

They couple lived in Fermoy for 18 years before moving to Youghal last May.

“We loved the area. I proposed to Tina here.

“Tina loved pets. She never wanted kids, but I did so I had to make that sacrifice. Our pets were like our kids.

“It’s tough when you move somewhere new and you know nobody. Tina is a lot more outgoing that me so she would be out and about.

“I thought she was beginning to settle in a lot more than me because I wasn’t going out and socialising as much. I was doing repairs on the house when she was out and about.

“She was making acquaintances but it’s hard to make friends in just a couple of weeks.”

Since her disappearance, he said that Tina’s family have acted “the same as they did before”.

“We wouldn’t have that much contact with them. I do talk with them.”

Richard said that after he appeared on Crimecall, pleading for any information on Tina’s whereabouts, the gardai got thousands of calls.

“I don’t believe that they got anything concrete. They’re still looking through stuff they got in. So far there has been nothing to say that she’s here or there.”

He pleaded with his wife to “contact anybody” and let them know that she is ok.

“Just get in touch with somebody. Just come and knock on the door. Everything is ready for her to come home.

 “Even if you only think you’ve seen Tina ring the gardai. Let them know where. That one phone call can make all the difference.”

Gardaí in Middleton Co Cork have renewed their appeal for information on tracing the whereabouts of Tina Satchwell who is missing from her home on Grattan Street, Youghal, Co Cork since Monday 20th March 2017.

Tina is described as 5’ 7’’, of medium build with blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes.

Gardaí are appealing for anybody with information to contact Midleton Garda Station on (021) 4621550 or the Garda Confidential line 1800 666 111 or any Garda Station.

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