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Ex-hospital worker is probed for 'sex attack on OAP'


Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital

Beaumont Hospital

A former hospital worker who has been convicted for possession of child pornography is now the subject of a garda investigation into an alleged sexual assault on a 70-year-old patient in Beaumont Hospital.

The man was recently sentenced for the possession of graphic images and placed on the sex offenders' register.

He worked as a healthcare assistant in the Dublin hospital until earlier this year.

The sexual assault is alleged to have taken place in March of last year and in recent weeks gardaí launched a full probe into the alleged attack on foot of a formal complaint.

The Irish Independent understands the alleged incident was first raised with the hospital in July 2014 at which point Beaumont launched its own internal investigation - as required under current policies.

However, it is understood no wrongdoing was found in their investigations.

In April of this year, the hospital began investigating the allegations of sexual assault again and requested the complainant attend a meeting with senior personnel in the hospital where she was asked to outline the horrific ordeal.

The hospital would not confirm that the sex offender is now being investigated for alleged sexual assault.

Beaumont last night refused to say when the man ceased work with the hospital.

In his recent sentencing, it was heard that gardaí seized the man's computer after searching his home in July 2012 and found that he had viewed images of children having sex with adults and images of children with their genitals exposed.

Gardaí said the man claimed to "not be getting sexual gratification" from the images and they agreed with the prosecution that the accused maintained he viewed them "out of curiosity".

The man's defence counsel said he had co-operated with gardaí and fully answered all their questions.

The presiding judge said that someone who accesses child pornography "contributes to the sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children by adults".

They also "help to perpetuate the sexual abuse of young children", he added.

He described the crime as "repulsive, shocking, disgraceful and horrific".

He added that the crime, to which he had pleaded guilty, was "an extremely serious offence".

In response to questions, Beaumont Hospital said it could not comment "about any individual complaint by a patient at the hospital" and would not confirm if it reported the allegations to gardaí or the HSE.

The spokesperson said complaints made involving an allegation of abuse against a staff member are examined in line with the national 'Trust in Care' policy for Health Service Employers.

This policy states that where there are reasonable grounds to suspect that a criminal act has been committed, the matter must be reported immediately to the gardaí.

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