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Ex-coach quizzed in abuse probe

GARDAI were last night questioning a former sports coach over allegations that he abused teenage boys in the 1980s.

The man, who is in his 60s, was arrested at his home in Waterford amid complaints that he abused as many as 30 boys, some as young as 14.

The man is alleged to have tied up the teenagers in his home and forced them to take part in sex acts.

A number of men are now understood to have made statements to gardai in relation to the alleged abuse.

The man did not deny the allegations when confronted by the Irish Independent last month. He said he had not re-offended since attending counselling in the late 1980s after being instructed to do so by gardai. In an RTE interview, broadcast with his voice distorted to prevent his identification, he admitted sexually abusing as many as 30 boys.

He can be held for up to 24 hours before being charged or released.

Irish Independent