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Tuesday 19 March 2019

E-voting: the story so far

lPlans to introduce electronic voting were initially made by Minister for the Environment Noel Dempsey, but rolled out under the supervision of Martin Cullen.

l7,500 machines were brought by Dutch firm Nedap for €60 million. It was hoped they would be used at local and European Parliament elections in 2004.

lAfter a campaign by the Irish Citizens for Trustworthy E-Voting and opposition parties, the Government was forced to set up a commission on electronic voting to examine the system.

lThe commission report said it was unable to verify the accuracy and secrecy of the system.

lIn October 2006, a group of Dutch hackers showed how similar machines could be modified.

lPublic confidence was further dented when the Dutch government and 25 other countries scrapped plans to use the "defunct" machines

lIreland is housing the machines in 25 locations around the country.

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