Wednesday 25 April 2018

'Everything is on line for Shatter and Callinan': confidential recipient

Extract reveals minister sided with commissioner

Whistleblower Garda Sgt Maurice McCabe
Whistleblower Garda Sgt Maurice McCabe
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

GARDA Sergeant Maurice McCabe met confidential recipient Oliver Connolly in a hotel in Dublin on February 9, 2012, to discuss the outcome of an investigation into a complaint which he made about the appointment of a senior officer by Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan.

Following proper procedure, Mr McCabe first met Mr Connolly the previous January to outline his reasons for questioning the Commissioner's appointment of the officer, who he believed had a questionable track record.

Garda McCabe then compiled a report on the officer, which Mr Connolly forwarded to Justice Minister Alan Shatter's office for his consideration.

When the pair met for the third and final time in 2012, Mr Connolly informed the officer that Mr Shatter had asked the Commissioner to investigate the complaint.

Reading the official response from the Justice Department, Mr Connolly tells the whistleblower that report compiled by the commissioner found there was no 'serious error in judgement' in the appointment.

These are extracts from the taped conversation obtained by the Sunday Independent:


Connolly: "Shatter will have read your report in detail, I know he did, he communicated to me. And he will have read all of your exhibits which I actually numbered one to nine in the actual, in the order which they were highlighted.

"So he did know, you know, I redacted, the only thing I redacted was your name. Alan studied everything, in fact I know he did."

McCabe: "Do you see the flaw in the system, Oliver? He goes back now to the Commissioner and if anyone claims against the..."


McCabe: "But Oliver, what do you do then with all the falsification records? What do I do with them? What do I do with the hundreds of cases that haven't been investigated? What do I do with innocent people being set up?

Connolly: "Use the public forum of the courts. . ."

McCabe: "Yeah. . ."

Connolly: "To your best."


Connolly: "I'll give you some advice, your solicitor and McDowell are now aware of it, if you can get them in, the courts will be only too happy to send you to mediation.

"And you go in there looking for the numbers, whatever else you want you'll get it. If stuff was to get out into the public, the print media, it must only come from what happens in the courtroom. I'll tell you something this is just personal, if Shatter thinks you are screwing him, you are finished."


McCabe: "Right."

Connolly: "Forget about the Commissioner."

McCabe: "Okay."

Connolly: "I mean, he is dealing with a lot of shit at the moment, what I am saying to you, if stuff is to get into the print, broadcasting media it comes public – before the court not any other way.

"If Shatter thinks you, if he thinks or he is told by the Commissioner or the gardai, here is this guy again trying another route, trying to put under pressure, he'll go after you, yeah."

McCabe: "Alan Shatter will go after me?"

Connolly: "Yeah, if he thinks, if he thinks, if he thinks . . . what I'm saying, if you are going to kill a king, you are going to strike and you are in the public forum of the courts with the former AG, they'll all be terribly. . . the broadcasting media will have a field day on your case. It is actually the only forum to speak to them. Then what will happen with the minister, all's fair in love and war."


Connolly: "Forged with security with Obama. . . (INAUDIBLE) . . . and the Queen of England and the President of the United States and he's Minister for Justice and he has to work very closely because both are correct, everything is on the line, both of them, Shatter and the Commissioner. His next best friend for about two or three months?"

McCabe: "Garda Commissioner?"

Connolly: "Had to be, had to be."

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