Saturday 20 January 2018

'Everything is destroyed -- I have nothing left'

Mark O'Regan

AN old family photograph -- a cherished memory -- lies limp in the muddied ruins of Anthony Gartlan's kitchen floor.

The faintly nauseating smell of damp dominates his home after Monday's monsoon-style deluge. Kilmainham in Dublin was one of the worst hit areas, and yesterday a massive mopping-up operation was under way.

But the full heartache and ruin was only becoming apparent. "I've lived here for 37 years and nothing like this has ever happened before," Mr Gartlan (58) said.

"Within 10 minutes the water was six feet high in our home.

"The Camac river, which runs next to my house, burst its banks at around 8.30pm and within minutes the whole downstairs was full of water.

"There is a wall running alongside the river and that collapsed with the pressure of the water," Mr Gartlan said.

"We heard the thud when it caved in and that's when all hell broke loose. Everything is destroyed -- I have nothing left. Looking at the way my home is now makes me sick to the stomach."

Various pieces of furniture lie across his living room, now vying for space with pieces of shrubbery and clumps of mud that are scattered all over the interior.

"I'm really lost for words to explain how I feel. Looking around it's just a nightmare," he added.

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