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Everest hero honoured but keeps his feet firmly on the ground

INSTALLING satellite dishes and selling TVs each day is a world apart from the two months Mark Quinn spent conquering the danger zones and deep crevices of Mount Everest.

Last May, at the age of 26, he became the youngest Irishman to conquer the world's highest peak.

The perilous climb was done in memory of murdered Limerick rugby player Shane Geoghegan.

But in work yesterday at Urlan TV in Limerick city, Mr Quinn was keeping his feet firmly on the ground ahead of a civic reception last night.

"It is a bit of a change working here from the adventure on Everest. We do everything from installing satellites and TVs to selling electrical goods, but it is all going well. There are five of us working here with Oliver Gleeson," he added.

"I am here 10 years now and it is certainly a different sort of pressure to Everest, but we keep ourselves going."

On the morning of May 21 last, Mr Quinn placed a Shane Geoghegan pin on the peak of Everest.

The mountaineer admitted he never met Mr Geoghegan, but said the charity associated with the name of the Garryowen rugby player stuck out for him.

"It is something I am immensely proud to be involved in. There are some great people volunteering there and working with the Shane Geoghegan Trust so it was fantastic to raise and continue to raise money for them," Mr Quinn said.

"You get a measure of the man by the company he kept and Shane must have been some man from all of his friends and family that I have met so far.

"The fundraising is continuing for the Shane Geoghegan Trust -- we are almost there. We are collecting €29,035 -- a euro for every foot of Everest."

Last night, Mayor of Limerick Jim Long paid tribute to the Castletroy native for his achievement on Mount Everest.

"Mark is a lovely lad. There was a lot of goodwill for Mark on his expedition. He did Limerick proud and continues to do so," Mr Long said.

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