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Even Mr Tayto is a chocoholic – Crisp company unveils debut chocolate bar


IT may seem like a crime against chocolate for some and the invention of the century for others – but Tayto have made their famous crisps into a chocolate bar.

Images of a plain milk chocolate bar with a Tayto wrapper began circulating on social media several months ago – however the bar was only on sale in Tayto park in Ashbourne.

However after a viral campaign online, the company decided to launch the chocolate crisp bar for real.

The milk chocolate bar is infused with morsels of the company’s famous cheese and onion crisps.

However the company will not be entering the chocolate business permanently – with just 10,000 of the new bars produced.

They have already began appearing in shops throughout the country, although due to strong demand they are expected to be sold out within a month.

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