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Even cheerful Enda gets the hump sometimes

AS a rule, our Taoiseach is the possessor of a cheerful demeanour and isn't particularly good at putting the boot (publicly at least) into people who give him the hump for one reason or another.

Certainly, Enda has never perfected the angry snarl of his predecessor Brian Cowen, although he was the recipient of many a sneer hurled across the Dail chamber.

But on Thursday, while taking questions from a huddle of press in Dublin, a little storm cloud passed over his sunny brow when the name of Ashoka Mody arose.

The former IMF head of mission to Ireland – who had been deeply involved in the troika negotiations in November 2010 with the previous government – had popped up on 'Morning Ireland' earlier in the day to declare that the whole austerity lark had been the wrong choice. It had all been a bit of a boo-boo, in fact.

Asked about the comments, Enda's face darkened. "Yes, I heard his interview, but sure listen, in every situation in life, hindsight is a wonderful thing," he said, distinctly unimpressed.

He – not to mention the ministers involved in trying to sort out the Croke Park deal – was clearly hopping mad with Motor-mouth Mody. What next – the IMF banner on the next ICTU austerity protest march, eh?

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