Wednesday 21 February 2018

Eurovision-sceptics making a song and dance of Europe's 'other' crisis

First Eamon O Cuiv went for a No and now Fianna Fail has gone Eurovision-sceptic.

Micheal Martin's party's group in the European Parliament, the liberals, are objecting to Azerbaijan hosting the Eurovision song contest.

The European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party is critical of the Baku-regime clamping down on peaceful demonstrations.

Talking about "Eurovision's dirty secrets", the group's leader is questioning why a country that imprisons people because they said something against the government is "hosting the world's largest music competition to an audience of hundreds of millions of people?"

What would O Cuiv make of that?

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Speaking of Eamon O Cuiv, the Fianna Fail deputy leader was invited to join the group of Independents by breaking ranks completely and wholeheartedly endorsing a No vote.

Independents said there would be a place in their group for him. "He needs to come back out and vote No. Wouldn't it be an honour to be kicked out for that?" Luke 'Ming' Flanagan said.

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