Friday 24 May 2019

Euro windfall Dubliner vows to keep the cash

IRISHMAN David Hickey, who gained a £250,000 windfall in controversial circumstances due to a banking error, flew into Britain yesterday to star on the first episode of the new Richard and Judy show on television.

The Dubliner, who gained the surplus cash when the Bank of Ireland mistakenly transferred Spanish pesetas into the new euro currency, was among the first guests on the new Channel 4 show, which began last night in a blaze of publicity.

Hickey was flown in from Spain, where he has been living it up following the incident, which transformed his £1,500 account into a euro windfall.

With his wife, Terry, he sat on the famous Richard and Judy couch and insisted that he was not giving the money back.

"We saw an advertisement for property in Spain and thought it was worth having a look at.

"You know sun, sea, olives. We went home after our holidays, transferred our money and two days later arrived in Spain and began having a good life.

"The next thing I got a phone call saying more funds were sent than there should have been. I was arrested and just told to report on the first and fifteenth of every month," he said.

He added that he had a document from the bank which he was given after the money transfer which his solicitor has told him is his ticket to riches.

"I have a statement saying that they won't take responsibility for any errors they make," he said.

"The banks get away with scrounging money off people. If they take it without telling you they won't give it back."

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