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EU/IMF keeps country afloat but sinks taxpayers with more levies

ELECTION promises mean nothing when the State has lost its sovereignty and has to rely on a bailout to keep the country afloat.

And it is now clear the EU and IMF -- and not our own Government -- will decide when we are charged for water.

During the last election, the Labour Party was opposed to the reintroduction of charges it abolished 14 years ago.

That mistake has left us with a water network that is not fit for purpose and needs massive investment to bring it up to standard.

Fine Gael promised that only when a new national water authority was in place, and every home had meters, would charges be imposed.

Our EU/IMF fiscal masters insist domestic water charges must be in place from 2012/2013.

Meters will take at least four years to install. The EU/IMF deadline won't be met, so a flat-rate charge will have to be introduced.

A generation of people has grown up thinking water is free and plentiful.

In the absence of state money, someone has to pay. As usual, it will fall to those who are already paying numerous taxes.

Irish Independent