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EU Commission ‘concerned’ about Padraig Flynn’s pension: MEP Childers

THE European Commission was today said to have expressed disquiet over disgraced politician Padraig Flynn’s EU pension, in the light of the Mahon Tribunal’s shocking findings.

According to Nessa Childers, in a tweet, the Commission is ‘seriously concerned’ about the former Fianna Fail Minister and EU Commissioner’s position.

Labour MEP Nessa Childers had written to the European Parliament requesting that the Commission cut off the EU pension of Mr Flynn after the Mahon Tribunal Report had found his acceptance of a €50,000 donation to be corrupt.

Ms Childers said that, as he had been Ireland's European Commissioner until 1999, he would have a substantial pension arising from this time, paid by European citizens.

She said the findings of the Mahon in relation to Mr Flynn mean he had disgraced Ireland's good name in Europe, and therefore he should no longer receive his sizable pension.

Responding to the Mahon Report at the time, Mr Flynn said: "During my lifetime of involvement in politics I have never sought nor have I ever received a corrupt payment.

"I absolutely reject any such finding of this Tribunal in that regard.’’