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exclusive Enniskerry to be transformed into ‘Disney wonderland’

Disenchanted to start filming in town shortly

THE picture-postcard village of Enniskerry in Co Wicklow is undergoing a huge transformation into a Disney movie set that will catapult it onto the world stage.

Filming of Disenchanted, the follow-up to the blockbuster Enchanted, is due to begin as early as next month, and if local knowledge is anything to go by some well-known faces such as Susan Sarandon, Patrick Dempsey, Amy Adams and James Marsden will all be in town for it.

Enchanted, which was released in 2007, was nominated for three Oscars and centred on the story of Princess Giselle as she was banished from her magical, animated land to the gritty streets of Manhattan.

In January, Disney Studios sent out a call for trained dancers for “an upcoming musical feature film” to be shot in Ireland between May and August, and although the movie wasn’t named it is widely believed it was for Disenchanted.

A massive town hall is currently being constructed on one side of the village, and other shops and businesses will be getting a movie makeover before the cameras start to roll.

It has all led to a lot of excitement in the village among locals and visitors, and the businesses are hoping there will be a long-term tourism spin-off into the future.

“They are just doing the production work now but there is tremendous excitement. I think for the village it will be great. There’ll be a lot of people coming in to have a look at the set once it’s built,” said Peter Norton, owner of Poppies cafe.

“They consulted with everybody before they lifted a screwdriver; the business association and the Tidy Towns and everyone got consultation.

“There’s going to be planting, and they will be covering all the buildings with flowers.

“It will be set in upstate New York. As to what decade I don’t know, and it will be filmed before it gets Disney-fied and after it gets Disney-fied.

“I hear the roads and paths will be painted purple, and there will be 200 dancers too. I think it’s the biggest movie they’ve ever made in Ireland, so it will be brilliant.”

Across the road, Ian Boucher from the OHSO cafe is located right beside the Disney town hall which is under construction.

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“There’s a lot of excitement around the town. A lot of work going on, it will be good. The plan is the whole village will be made into a Disney wonderland. I’ve heard there will be a night-shoot and two day-shoots and the village will be closed partly for those,” he told Independent.ie. 

“Amy Adams will be here, but she’s not a stranger. She was here previously in the movie Leap Year. And Patrick Dempsey too. It’s a good news story for Enniskerry.”

With the sound of busy saws and hammers in the background, regulars and visitors to the coffee shops were watching on as the magnificent, but temporary, Disney town hall grew bigger and bigger.

John Nolan and Henry Austin were enjoying an al fresco coffee in the sunshine.

“It’s amazing the money they’ll spend making a movie. Every shop here will be painted and some of them will have to close down for filming. Imagine the budget for that,” said Henry.



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