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Energy supplier 'not involved' in stake sell-off move

The ESB has said it is not involved in a reported move by the Government to sell off a minority stake in the company.

It has been reported that "tentative soundings" have been taken by the Government to ascertain the level of interest among foreign firms in buying a stake in the state-owned energy supplier.

The break-up and partial sell-off of the ESB was one of the recommendations contained in the McCarthy Report on the disposal of state assets.

Submissions have since been made by the ESB to the Department of Finance on foot of the report.

However, last night a spokesperson for the company said the ESB had no specific knowledge of the latest reports of a sell-off.

"We have no knowledge, said the spokesperson. "There is a review going on in the Department of Finance, I understand, but we are not aware of any proposals," the spokesperson added.

Irish Independent