Friday 20 April 2018

Enda's going to have to grow a thicker skin

Jason O'Brien Twitter: @jasonpobrien

ENDA throwing his toys out of the pram while refusing to have anything to do with Vinny Browne brought suggestions and scorn in equal measure, predictably.

Mr Kenny doesn't seem to carry the 'Irreplaceable' hashtag in an event.

"Apparently BBC put a Peppa Pig toy in the empty Labour seat during 2010 UK election," John Lynch claimed excitedly.

That is not quite accurate (the company behind the children's TV character wouldn't allow it), but it's a good image nonetheless so we'll run with it.

Obviously Kermit would be a shoo-in for John Gormley, while Micheal Martin bears more than a passing resemblance to Count von Count.

Speaking of bears, it's hard to look beyond Fozzie for Eamon Gilmore's stand-in: "Waka, waka, waka". Gerry Adams is a bit more difficult. The Dark Lord Sauron, perhaps?

Anyway, just think of the ratings for TV3.

Back to reality, and Mr Kenny's reluctance to take part saw him lose face rapidly.

On Twitter, the consensus was the Fine Gael leader was still seething over Browne's ill-judged advice that he should "go into a dark room with a gun and a bottle of whiskey".

Browne has since apologised, but perhaps Enda is unable to let it go?

It doesn't bode well for our likely future Taoiseach. "This just in: @endakennytd won't deal with Sarkozy because 'Carla never wrote a song about me'," Mick Muldoon revealed.

And it got worse.

"This just in: @endakennytd will not go to Washington on Paddy's Day because 'Obama prefers ketchup to Mayo'," the same man told us.

It's not clear that Enda will be able to laugh it off, however.

"I'm sorry to my local FG candidate, I cannot vote for you, because I just can't be part of helping Enda become Leader of this country," another poster said in the wake of #lilyliveredgate. Of course, his handlers missed an open goal when it came to excuses.

"TV3 leader's debate on Tuesday 8pm. Clashes with Ireland vs Wales in the Carling Nations Cup. Nice scheduling lads," PJ Browne said.

Statler and Waldorf might replace Vinny.

Statler: "How'd you like it?"

Waldorf: "Uh, I don't know. I slept through the whole thing."

Statler: "Well, you didn't miss much."

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