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Emergency services meet small passenger plane in Cork Airport


Runway at Cork Airport

Emergency services met a small passenger plane as it landed safely in Cork Airport this afternoon.

The two-seater aircraft returned to the airfield as a precaution after flying in the vicinity of the airport. 

A spokesperson for the Atlantic Flight Training Academy told Independent.ie the return of the small aircraft to the airport was 'not unusual'.

"The pilot made a precautionary return to the airfield when he suspected a malfunctioning system in the aircraft," he said.

"He returned as a precaution, it happens a lot - if a pilot feels there is anything to be investigated they just return to base.

"An engineer checked the plane and there was no fault found."

Fire crews and medical staff met the plane when it came in, and there were no reports of injuries.

A spokesperson for Cork Airport confirmed the landing, adding that emergency services had been on stand-by as the plane came in.

“They have now been stood down,” they added.

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