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What unions are telling members

Peter MacMenamin, TUI: "They (Fine Gael) are giving us fair warning now before the election and if we put them into government on February 25 we cannot undo that. We must be warned now.

We must recall what the current outgoing government has done to the pay and conditions of teachers and other workers with no mandate."

John Douglas, Mandate

"It is clear that the policies of the present Fianna Fail/Green Government have had a devastating impact on Mandate members. Voting for those who have recently dressed themselves up as parties of change will not achieve progress."

Jack O'Connor, SIPTU

The election of a single-party Fine Gael government would be "a recipe for disaster".

He said the party was committed to the deflationary principles of the outgoing Fianna Fail administration and the best option would be a Labour/Fine Gael coalition.

Jimmy Kelly, UNITE

"UNITE has requested, in communication with Eamon Gilmore, that Labour looks first to form a coalition of progressive parties and candidates and to prevent any return to the old status quo of neo-liberal government as espoused by Fianna Fail and Fine Gael."

Paul Bell, SIPTU's acting head of health division

"Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are committed to the destruction of the national health service as both parties have outlined proposals to dismantle the Health Service Executive if they are elected to Government."

Irish Independent