Saturday 17 March 2018

Twitts: It's Groundhog Day in political Twitterland -- again

Jason O'Brien Twitter: @jasonpobrien

YESTERDAY was Groundhog Day, which may explain that nagging doubt. You probably can't help feeling you've heard all this before. But it's so bland, you can't be sure.

Yet part of you expects to hear it again, and again, and again, until February 25, immediately forgetting it each and every time.

"Labour is the party that will drive reform across politics and across the public sector," Labour said on Twitter.

"Let's get Ireland working," laboured Fine Gael.

"There is a better way: Sinn Fein/Adams," trotted out, well, guess who?

Groundhog Day in political jargonland is every day, and every day in political jargonland is Groundhog Day.

It is only Day Two of the campaign, but with little excitement to perk up proceedings online, many of the parties and candidates resorted to inanities.

It made grim reading for those who believe this will be the first 'Twitter election' in Ireland.

"Got clicker to count how many voters I meet," was the latest from Paul Gogarty of the Greens. "Stolen by kids."

Evidently his tactic of bringing his daughter to press conferences hasn't had the desired effect of connecting with the youth

Paschal Donoghue was faring a little better with the little people. "My kids chant 'Paschal, Paschal' every time they see my posters," he said. "Look, you take support from wherever you can get it."

Little wonder that the Irish general election wasn't challenging Punxsutawney Phil -- the groundhog -- on the trending charts yesterday.

Of more interest -- vaguely -- was noting that Fianna Fail's name on Twitter is not 'FiannaFail'. Someone had jumped in before them.

It's 'FiannaFailParty', while the other user has over 100 followers and one, solitary, tweet from the middle of last year. "Oh my God, they've kept Kenny," it says.

Was that really only seven months ago?

Punxsutawney Phil predicted a long winter by the way. But we knew that already.

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