Friday 24 November 2017

The Floating Vioter: Voters will Love it or Hate it

Absurd: Tom Vaughan Lawlor, in another display of histrionics as Love/Hate’s Nidge
Absurd: Tom Vaughan Lawlor, in another display of histrionics as Love/Hate’s Nidge
Mary Martin's poster
Willie Penrose

WHEN it comes to celebrity endorsements, you can't beat getting the country's most loved gangster on your side.

Mary Martin, Independent candidate for Castleknock and Blanchardstown, appears to have roped in Nidge from 'Love/Hate' to back her up.

The mother from Dublin 15 features a picture of actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor on her campaign leaflets to give voters "A Nudge in the right direction."

Mary goes with the criminal slang as she points out: "This went in your letterbox, right, so we know where you live! Please vote Mary Martin 1 for Council."

Sweet treats to ease tired feet

Wearing down shoe leather, running up a sweat, out in all weather: the work of a canvasser is thankless.

Except if you're on the campaign of Aileen Browne.

Fine Gael's candidate in the Fermoy local electoral area of Cork County Council treats her campaigners to the odd treat.

Browne lavishes her team with bags of sweets to keep the blood sugar levels up as they go knocking on doors and dropping leaflets.

No really, he's your only man

Here is the result of the Longford-Westmeath Dail by-election. Well, not the name of the new TD, but a verdict on local balance.

With nine candidates on the ballot, the score reads: Westmeath 8, Longford 1. If voters want to "keep it Longford", Independent candidate James Morgan is their only option.

The other eight "Westmeathers" have been busy canvassing Longford. But old campaigners still get a tingle crossing the county bounds, as in general elections the big parties operate a rigorous county divide.

Willie's back in the fold, doing his duty

Willie is well and truly back. He left the Labour Party and resigned from the Super Junior seat at the Cabinet table over the closure of the local army barracks in Mullingar nearly three years ago.

But he returned to the fold by rejoining the party last October and has been pretty low profile ever since.

When the by-election popped up in Longford-Westmeath, Willie Penrose didn't leave the party wanting.

Labour isn't expected to come within a donkey's roar of winning the seat, but Willie is endorsing the candidate Cllr Denis Leonard nonetheless.

"Cllr Denis Leonard is a tireless advocate for workers, families and young people," he said in an ad in the local papers.

Without a Penrose on the ticket though, Labour is still expected to struggle.

However, the party is expected to stave off the debacle in the Meath West by-election last year, where it embarrassingly finished behind a new party nobody had ever heard of.

Willie's backing might just be enough to ensure Denis's vote is less of a menace to the party leadership.

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