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Sinn Fein vows to put more gardai on the streets

Sinn Fein wants more gardai and community officers on the streets to combat crime and make society safer.

The party also pledged to put resources into diverting young people away from drugs and anti-social behaviour if they were elected.

Outlining 24 proposals on tackling crime, Sinn Fein TD Aengus O Snodaigh said prevention must be priority for any incoming government.

"Crime and anti-social behaviour are on the rise," he said.

"It is widely recognised that there has been too little effort to target crime in our communities. Too often the justice system has been too slow and in many cases the punishment has not been seen to fit the crime.

"The current economic situation, coupled with government cuts to services, can only make the problem worse. Action needs to be taken now to ensure that this does not happen.

"Crime costs. Preventing crime saves money in the long run."

Speaking outside the Department of Justice, Mr O Snodaigh said people have the right to feel safe in their homes and communities.

"Our proposals would see the number of gardai and community gardai on the ground increased while also focusing on building better relationships between them," he continued.

"We would also put resources into diverting young people away from involvement in drugs, crime and anti-social behaviour.

"Our proposals are comprehensive and they are credible.

"We must work to rid communities of the torment of crime and anti-social behaviour."

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