Monday 11 December 2017

Sinn Fein 'dependent on the politics of failure': Labour senator

Labour's Lorraine Higgins
Labour's Lorraine Higgins

Fionnan Sheahan, Group Political Editor

SINN Fein has been accused of being "dependent on the politics of failure" and offering nothing positive.

Labour Party senator Lorraine Higgins said that as a party, Sinn Fein feeds off the politics of a military past.

The candidate in Ireland Midlands-North-West said Sinn Fein needs to be tackled on its policies.

"It is very clear that Sinn Fein seeks to use the sacrifices of the Irish people over the last few years as national failure on the international stage. One would have thought a so-called republican party would be supportive of our restored financial and economic freedom and independence," she said.

Ms Higgins said a vote for Sinn Fein in the European elections is a "waste of democratic opportunity".

"It is important that the people wake up to the absolute reality that it is only by electing candidates from large political groupings in the European Parliament that we can have any influence dealing with the important outstanding issues of legacy bank debt, creating jobs and ensuring that Ireland continues to be the gateway for foreign companies to a market of 500 million people," she said.

Ms Higgins said a vote for the Labour Party candidates will ensure that the European Socialist and Democrat group will have a voice on these very important Irish issues.

"On the other hand a vote for Sinn Fein will mean plenty of words but zero influence. It is fair to say that membership of a Marxist block of European representatives is not in the best interests of the Irish people at this time," she said.

The Galway-based senator said it was imperative the voters send public representatives to the European Parliament to "participate and not abstain" on issues.

"A vote for Sinn Fein is bad for investment and job creation. Electing inexperienced candidates from Sinn Fein will inevitably mean the perception of economic instability and be perceived by investors to mean higher income tax, higher corporation tax, higher property tax and cuts in employment training programmes.

"In fact these are the policies being pursued and implemented in Northern Ireland by Sinn Fein. So it is time for Sinn Fein to stop being politics hypocrites and come clean to the Irish people," she said.

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