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'Scaredy cat' politicians not knocking on doors

CHRONIC exhaustion and bouts of self-doubt gripped our tweeting politicians as they marked the seven-day climax to Judgment Day.

Omnipresent Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny was being billed on Twitter throughout the day as an "up next" radio interviewee on multiple stations. And while the radio headlines droned on about the bitter rivalry between Labour and Fine Gael, Twitter was discussing one little-known fact: Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore share the same birthdays.

But while candidates continued to use the cliched tweet of the "positive reception on the ground" , impatient tweeters were bemoaning the lack of door knocks. One Siobhan O'Shaughness labelled them all "scaredy cats".

But Fine Gael Senator Paschal Donohoe is ever anxious to ensure that Twitterland knows and appreciates he is canvassing the former heartland of one Bertie Ahern.

"From a constituent -- 'I used to see so much of Bertie he would say Mass on my doorstep'. No more," tweeted Paschal.

However, People Before Profit's Richard Boyd Barrett out-tweeted most politicians yesterday, clearly exercised about a report on the 2,800 abandoned estates. "This is a ghost government which lets ghost estates go to waste," was among his tweets.

And how does a doomed Green junior minister explain away opinion polls that show him losing his seat? Ciaran Cuffe: "I'm still convinced that the green economy is at the heart of our economic recovery."

And just when insecure Fianna Fail TDs could do with wise encouraging words from one 'Mammy' Mary O'Rourke, she has abandoned the online diary since the election was called.


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