Friday 17 November 2017

Roscommon electoral area: Latest updates

Maresa Fagan

Three quarters of boxes tallied in County Roscommon

Fianna Fail is still showing strongly in County Roscommon with one Castlerea-based party candidate in the new Roscommon area topping early tallies with over 1,500 votes.

Since earlier tallies this morning we’re seeing the Fianna Fail vote in the county staying steady on 36% with Independents gaining in vote share to rise to 34% at Fine Gael’s expense, which is now on 21%. The Sinn Fein vote is around 7%.

Around three-quarters of all boxes are now open. Based on early tallies it looks like Fianna Fail could hold onto two out of six seats in each of the three areas, with a strong chance for a third in all areas at Fine Gael’s expense.

Fine Gael look certain of holding onto the Naughten seat in Athlone but seats in all areas could be threatened by strong support for Independents and former Fine Gael candidates and a surprising swing back to Fianna Fail.

In the outgoing 26-seat council, which had, Independents had 10 seats, followed by 8 Fine Gael and 8 Fianna Fail seats.

Of the 16 independents running for one of 18 seats in this race two are former fine Gael councillors, who could hold onto their seats given their stance on the hospital issue.

Sinn Fein, however, does not look like it has made any significant gains based on early tallies, looking like it could hold onto its one seat on the council but beyond that it’s hard to see them taking another seat at this stage.

Based on current tallies the seats look like the following:

Athlone – 2 seats for Fianna Fail; 2 independent seats; and 1 Fine Gael and a battle for last seat with Fianna Fail in contention along with an Independent.

Roscommon - 2 seats for Fianna Fail; 1 Independent, 1 Fine Gael and possibly another Independent seat and another seat for Fianna Fail.

Boyle – 2 seats for Fianna Fail; 1 Independent, 1 Sinn Fein, with Fine Gael and Fianna Fail in the mix for the last two seats. 

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