Sunday 15 December 2019

Longford, Kilkenny, Westmeath and Louth: Updates

The latest updates:

Longford - European

With half the EU boxes tallied in Longford town Luke 'Ming' Flanagan is ahead with 30pc followed by fellow independent Marian Harkin on 16.5pc. SF's Matt Carthy is marginally ahead of FG's Mairead McGuinness on 12.8pc versus 12.3pc.

Flanagan is also going well in the south of the county where one fifth of the boxes have been tallied and he's pulling in 32 per cent of the vote. McGuinness is doing better there, coming in second on 21 per cent.


In Kilkenny, FG's Mary Hilda Cavanagh, who is performing strongly in early tallies, said: "It looks very well at the moment, and after 40 years I would have been bitterly disappointed if I lost my seat. So I'm very pleased, it is my eighth election so I'm very happy with my vote."

Cllr Cavanagh, who is running in the Castlecomer district of Kilkenny, believes the redrawing of the boundaries in the Kilkenny district may throw up some surprises.

"The minority parties will always do well in areas where there are six seats instead of five seats. I can't call it at the moment but it looks as if Fine Gael will lose a seat in North Kilkenny, the Castlecomer district. It may well go to Fianna Fáil but Catriona Redmond (Sinn Fein) seems to be in there with a shout at this stage."

Wexford - European

In Wexford, FG's Simon Harris is showing at 26.12pc with FF’s Brian Crowley on 23.6pc.  SF's Liadh Ni Riada is polling 17.34pc, with Labours Phil Prendergast at 4.7pc.  FG’s Sean Kelly and Deirdre Clune are showing 3.5pc and 2.3pc respectively.

Athlone - Local

Almost all of the Local boxes in Athlone are now open. Boxer Moran (Ind) is at 22pc, Paul Hogan (SF) is at 11pc, Tom Farrell (FG) is at 10.2pc while John Dolan (FG) has 8.4pc, Frankie Keena (FF) has 8pc, Aengus O'Rourke (FF) has 8pc and Vinny McCormack (FF) has 7.6pc.

Athlone – European

With 30pc of the Athlone European boxes open, Luke Ming (Ind) is dominating the poll with 50pc of the vote, while Harkin (Ind) is still in contention at 20pc and McGuinness (FG) is at 15pc.


In Mullingar (Kilbeggan) 12pc of the boxes open. Percentages are not available at the moment but Avril Whitney (FF) is leading with Johnny Penrose (Lab) and Ken Glynn (FF)


Tallies from the Longford town district show FG’s John Browne topping the poll with 709 votes, followed by FF’s Seamus Butler on 675 votes. Independent Gerry Warnock is polling well with tallies predicting he will take 604 first preferences and is on course to win a seat. Sinn Fein’s surge is less than evident here, with Barbara Smyth on 246 votes. Former Labour General election candidate Mae Sexton, whose CV includes five years as a Progressive Democrats TD, is in the middle of the pack.


With a quarter of the boxes in six-seater Clontarf open, Independent candidate Damien O'Farrell is leading on almost 17pc. Former junior minister Sean Haughey, son of the late Taoiseach Charles Haughey, looks likely to make a political comeback after losing his seat in the Fianna Fáil wipeout at the last general election. He's on 16pc while party colleague and sitting councillor Deirdre Heney isn't far behind on 14pc. Sinn Fein's Ciaran O'Moore - on 14pc - is also doing well, as the party is across Dublin's north side. Naoise O'Muiri of Fine Gael is on 10pc, People Before Profit Alliance candidate Pat Doherty is on 8pc and Labour's Jane Horgan-Jones is just under 8pc.


With 13pc of the boxes open in Drogheda, SF look set to romp with 40 percent of the vote. Labour is on 22pc and FF on 10pc .


In Dundalk -Carlingford which covers the northern end of Dundalk and into the Cooley Peninsula, 21 percent of boxes have been tallied, with SF on 34 pc and FF on 31.  This is an area where outgoing FF councillor Peter Savage has always been a good performer. FG are on 21 in this area and the Greens are on 8.


In the Ardee area with 19pc of boxes tallied FG are on 29, FF are on 15, SF on 17.

Dundalk South

In Dundalk south 13pc of boxes are open and tallied it is FF topping the poll on 25, followed by FG with 21 and then the Greens on 4 and SF on 3.


In Greystones, Independent Jennifer Whitmore, whose campaign was backed by local TD Stephen Donnelly, leads ahead of Sinn Fein's Nicola Lawless. Very early days but the national trend is evident in the Garden county so far.

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein's Kathleen Funchion, who is running in Kilkenny City - West, said it looked like it was set to be a good day for the party nationwide.

"I would hope in Kilkenny we would be in line for a seat in each area - with the hope of taking two seats anyway. We only have one borough councillor at present which is myself, we don't have any county councillors so we are coming from a low base," she said.

And, Cllr Funchion said indications are the first-time Sinn Fein candidate, student Catriona Redmond, was in line for the final sixth seat in the Castlecomer district.

"It will come down to transfers, as always," she said.

"Women tend to be a bit more transfer friendly as well, so that is a good factor as well."

It also appears that Sinn Fein's Liadh Ni Riada, the daughter of legendary musician, Sean Ni Riada, is polling well in the European Elections for the South Constituency.

"She does seem to be doing quite well, second after Brian Crowley," she said.

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