Sunday 15 December 2019

Latest from Longford: Recount called after sixth count in Granard ward

Gareth Naughton

A recount was called in Longford after the sixth count in the Granard ward left Fine Gael's Frank Kilbride trailing Sinn Féin's John Reilly by just three votes.

The recount, which was called a full 38 hours after the first boxes were opened in Longford, became inevitable after both men received significant transfers following the elimination of Independent James Keogh.

The vote saw Mr Kilbride, who came eight on first preferences, move to within spitting distance of Mr Reilly as both men faced elimination. Mr Kilbride was on 721 votes compared to Mr Reilly's 724 votes when Mr Keogh's transfers were taken into account.

Following a short adjournment to allow candidates consider their position, returning officer Nora O'Farrell announced around 2am that Mr Kilbride had requested a full reexamination of the ballot papers and a recount to commence at 11am.

Meanwhile, in the south of the county, Fine Gael won three council seats with Colm Murray, Ger Farrell and Paul Ross returned in the early hours of the night. Mr Murray exceeded the quota on the second count and he was joined by independent Mark Casey on the fourth. Fianna Fail candidates Pat O'Toole and Mick Cahill as well as Mr Ross were elected without reaching the quota.

Seats filled so far: FG (6) FF (4) Ind (3)

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