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Sunday 15 December 2019

Cork Electoral area: Latest updates

Georgina O’Halloran

The boxes were opened at the Mallow Count Centre for the Fermoy Electoral area and Kanturk-Mallow Electoral area at 9.00AM.

At 11.20AM 59 per cent of the boxes were opened in the Fermoy LEA, and tallies were showing Fianna Fail currently on top at 38 per cent.

Fine Gael was at 16 per cent, while Labour was at 23 per cent, with Noel McCarthy tallying well in Fermoy.

Sinn Fein, who are running one candidate June Murphy, was at a healthy 10 per cent, while with independents were at 11 per cent, with agricultural contractor doing well.

Meanwhile, in Kanturk-Mallow LEA, at 11.20AM, 40 per cent of the boxes were opened, where Fianna Fail were again leading the tallies at 35 per cent.

Pollsters are already predicting that the party could take two seats, with existing councillor Dan Joe Fitzgerald expected to retain his seat and Bernard Moynihan expected to win a seat.

Fine Gael were at 25 per cent, while Labour vote had been decimated at two per cent.

However, the ballot boxes from Labour candidate Ronan Sheehan’s home town of Mallow have not been opened yet and his votes are expected to pick up once the Mallow boxes are opened.

Independents were at 32 per cent, with Timmy Collins from Newmarket, picking up most of the votes at the moment.

Sinn Fein were at six per cent, with candidate Melissa Mullane picking up votes from outside the SF stronghold.

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