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Pranksters who heckled Kenny will 'strike again'

VETERAN pranksters behind a spoof heckle at Enda Kenny have vowed to strike again.

A bearded heckler accompanied by a fake election hopeful managed to grind Mr Kenny's town hall meeting in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co Leitrim, to a halt on Tuesday night.

However, the Irish Independent has learned the incident was an elaborate hoax planned by two well-known internet pranksters.

A man who identified himself as 'Bobby Channels' had to be removed from the meeting after subjecting Mr Kenny to a tirade of abuse.

However, a website set up by Mr Channels's 'brother-in-law' Terry Ghusto, who was also present, has unmasked both men as pranksters.

At the meeting, Mr Ghusto claimed Mr Channels was his campaign manager and had just lost his job; his sister had emigrated and his father was unwell.

The pair are understood to be connected to a series of YouTube 'activist' videos.

Irish Independent