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Gormley will back FG-led government

THE Green Party last night signalled it is now willing to support a Fine Gael-led coalition.

That is, of course, if the party actually has any TDs left to support the new government.

Support for the Greens remains at just 1pc -- meaning the party is facing wipeout in the polls, according to the latest Irish Independent/Millward Brown Lansdowne survey.

Speaking in Cork yesterday, Green leader John Gormley admitted he was impressed by the reform elements contained in Fine Gael's election manifesto.

He insisted the Greens -- even as a minority partner -- could still bring a lot to government.

"We have got the experience now of governing in a crisis and we have shown that, in that crisis, we have delivered a substantial amount of jobs. Our programme will deliver even more jobs -- and they (FG) will have to sign on the dotted line for that.

"I am indicating to you very strongly that we can do business -- we are a party that can do business. But the electorate have to know where we stand on certain issues -- we are not just going to give a blank cheque to any party and nor can we be seen to give a blank cheque to any party."

This may be wishful thinking on Mr Gormley's part.

All of his party's six TDs face an uphill battle to be re-elected and it is highly unlikely the Dublin South East TD will have many chips on the bargaining table when it comes to forming the next government.

Mr Gormley's own future is also in serious doubt.

He was widely considered by analysts to be the poorest performer on RTE's five-way leaders debate and his own personal popularity continues to plummet to new record lows, with just 13pc of the public satisfied with his performance -- the lowest of all the party leaders.

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