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Willie's tweets wouldn't keep O Cuiv awake

CELEBRATIONS across Twitland yesterday as the leading exponent of the art, Dan Boyle, confirmed he'll be running again.

@sendboyle told his fans: "Nomination papers handed in. No turning back now."

Unless you're a voter, Dan, in which case there's plenty of time to look forward to not voting for the Green Party.

The arrival of Dan's arch nemesis, Willie O'Dea, is the source of some consternation.

@Limerick Born questioned the bona fides of Willie's posts.

"Ok, hands up all those who actually believe Willie O'Dea is doing his own tweeting?"

Come to think of it, the contents of @willieodeaLIVE is hardly in keeping with the great man's legendary acerbic wit and repartee.

"Leaving Dooradoyle after our evening's #ge11 canvass, heading to catch up on some meetings and phonecalls now, 18 days of campaigning to go."

Yawn. It's enough to put Eamon O Cuiv to sleep. Again.

On the plus side @lornalily reported her aunt met Willie O'Dea's wife, prompting her young daughter to sing: "My name is Willie O'Dea, and you're in my constituency."

Micheal Martin was having less convivial encounters on his travels and the Dundrum Shopping Centre turned into a minefield, as related by Bryan Dobson: "Mr Martin then met with the wife of FG candidate Peter Mathews who argued with him about the bank bailout."

Speaking of the economics of the campaign, @TomasFinneran smelled a rat behind all parties claiming their policies are costed.

"Seemingly you can say anything once you get it 'fully costed by the Dept of Finance' . . . obviously they know what they're doing, right?"

Meanwhile, the deadline for ensuring your name is on the register caused alarm for @Diane_Duggan.

"Changed my vote 2 months ago to vote in Dublin, discovered today I was removed and not replaced on any register. Absolute panic dash to Dublin City Council."

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